About Us
Providing the Healthcare Data You Need in the Tools You Use
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Our Mission

In our lifetimes, we’ve seen health records make the leap from paper to digital. But the data is still siloed, disorganized and hard to access.

Populi is on a mission to bridge the gap and deliver critical insights for provider, patient and population intelligence — all while maintaining privacy and compliance.

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Our Story

Populi brings together a group of investors, advisors and team members who are disrupting the way healthcare organizations receive and activate analytics. It’s a data access revolution — powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and built on decades of digital health experience and expertise.

We’re helping payers and providers get maximum value out of healthcare data with a more transparent and cost-effective business model that provides analytics as a service (AaaS).

We Make Access Easy

Populi wrangles a database of more than 180 billion healthcare and consumer transactions, masters it, and certifies it as HIPAA compliant.

We build use case driven analytics for verticals and specific departments within healthcare organizations.

Populi delivers accessible analytics through integrations and APIs to the data science platforms that payers and providers use every day.

Our Partners

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