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Populi is changing the game when it comes to how providers access healthcare analytics.
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Key Use Cases


Provider Targeting and Recruitment

Identify providers through clinical and financial attributes for recruitment and targeted marketing and business development campaigns.

Leakage and Referral Insights

Manage referral pathways and identify critical areas for leakage prevention to manage cost and increase revenue within networks.


Sales and Marketing

Target list building and ROI measurement for physician outreach, marketing campaign and recruitment initiatives.


Price Transparency and Rate Negotiation

Procedure-based pricing benchmarks that compare national, state and regional volumes, patient mix, and revenue trends to inform value-based network selection and contract negotiation.


Market Intel and Expansion

Understand market share, volume, trends and revenue that will help identify key areas for expansion. Plus, access competitive analysis for service line and network growth.

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Strengthen CRM/PRM adoption through claims-based analytics and real-time directories to enhance user experience with relevant market intel through claims.

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PRM Insights for Salesforce

PRM Insights for Salesforce delivers insights on affiliations, procedure and condition benchmarks and referral patterns right on Salesforce PRM.

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Populi for Tableau

Populi for Tableau gives you instant access and flexibility to build your own views and dashboards on all the Populi products.


Pathways and Referrals

Populi’s HCx Pathways empowers you to discover patterns of referral behavior as patients move in and out of network.



Populi’s HCx Affiliation API enables you to connect the dots between Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations.


Procedure Volume

Populi’s Procedure Volume API allows you to query the total number of procedures for each provider. The data is segmented by year and month to enable tracking of trends over time.


HCx Directory

Populi’s HCx Directory gives you the power to retrieve best-in-class profiles with the most up-to-date data on providers’ address, contact and personal information.

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