Populi Introduces Claims and Population Analytics Advances

Procedure Grouper, Site of Care Logic, and New Mover insight tools improve analyses

Populi, Inc., an analytics-as-a-service provider, has released several advancements to improve claims and consumer analytics. Among the new releases are a proprietary procedure code grouper designed to overcome shortcomings in industry-standard tools, improved logic for identifying types of care sites, surgical indicators for faster identification of key healthcare procedures, and a New Movers product to segment populations for campaign, and creative deployment.

    • Populi Signature Procedure Grouper: Today, there is no standard for defining clinical service lines, and commonly used groupers exist for specific audiences and purposes, yet often exhibit broad categories and unmapped codes. Populi has created a methodology establishing meaningful “out-of-the-box” mappings for strategic and clinical perspectives.

      The grouper maps every code to one of eight service categories, 43 distinct service lines, and 344 distinct sub-service lines. This results in vastly improved service delineations, ease of use, and faster analyses.

    • Site of Care Logic: Site of care is an important dimension to determine where clinical services are performed. With increasing consumer and payer pressures, healthcare is shifting from inpatient to outpatient, and from hospital-based to non hospital-based care settings.

      Because there is no singular field on a claim that definitively identifies where a procedure or set of procedures took place, Populi is introducing new logic to determine claim and procedure sites of care using a combination of several fields. These changes will improve the accuracy of analyses for the shifts in care that are occurring.

      • New Movers Insights: New Movers are the most competitive segment in healthcare marketing because individuals and families who have moved great distances need to re-establish patient care. Populi’s New Movers Insights delivers new mover data for marketing-campaign research and population segmentation. This new analytic tool will democratize new mover data for Populi clients’ marketing teams. 

    “As a former health system strategy leader, I experienced firsthand the challenges of extracting clear and meaningful insights from market claims data. I’m passionate about improving this situation and excited to introduce our innovations to our current and future clients,” said Leah Shea, EVP, Product. 

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    Populi is an analytics-as-a-service company that makes access to healthcare analytics easy. We enable healthcare organizations to strategize, market and sell to patients, consumers and healthcare providers by delivering the analytics they need in the platforms they work in every day.


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