Populi Launches Market Intelligence Product Suite

Patient Volume, Oncology Insights and Price Transparency added to analytics solutions

Populi, Inc., an analytics-as-a-service provider, has launched a new Market Intelligence product suite designed to provide healthcare finance and strategy teams with key market insights and trends to inform strategic growth and acquisition.

Populi’s Market Intelligence product suite includes three powerful products:

  • Patient Volume: Provides insights on the number of unique patients in a market and what kinds of care they’re accessing. Filters include provider, procedure and diagnosis. 
  • Oncology Insights: Details procedure volumes across cancer types, where procedures are performed and which providers perform the most cancer-related procedures. Filters include geography, time, providers and service location.
  • Price Transparency: Enables comparison of reimbursement rates, including charges and allowed amounts. Geomean and percentiles are calculated within defined scopes, which can include time (by quarter), geography (state or CBSA), type of coverage and procedure code.

The Market Intelligence suite is the newest addition to Populi’s healthcare data and analytics offering. Building on the foundation of Provider and Population Intelligence, Market Intelligence supports healthcare strategists in making data-forward decisions about growth, competitive positioning and consumer behavior.

“With targeted market insights around questions that really matter, Market Intelligence helps healthcare organizations build strategic growth plans that are in line with consumer utilization and trends,” said Leah Shea, EVP, Product. 

More information about Populi’s Market Intelligence product suite can be found at populi.ai/market-intelligence

About Populi

Populi is an analytics-as-a-service company that makes access to commercial healthcare analytics easy. We enable healthcare organizations to market and sell to patients, consumers, and healthcare providers by delivering the analytics they need in the platforms they work in every day.

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