Mapping Activity Between Healthcare Professionals and Organizations
doctors standing in front of the clinic and hospital they are affiliated with
Populi’s HCx Affiliation API allows you to connect the dots between Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations. Determine where each Professional most often treats patients. Rankings and trends are calculated to allow easy comparisons of Provider affiliations over time. Segment provider affiliation by days of the week to see when healthcare professionals are most engaged with each organization.

Key Features


Relationships driven by data

Understand HCP <> HCO relationships through claims data. Search time frames to see increase and decreases in activity.

Granular Detail

View charges, claims and unique patient counts at the procedure and diagnosis level. Utilize groupers to track your defined service lines and key target groupers.


What's Trending?

Get an instant understanding of which direction a provider’s loyalty is trending with pre-computed definitions of “Rising,” “Steady,” and “Falling.”


Best day to visit

Need to know the best day to find a physician at a facility? See percentage of time spent at each facility by day.

Accessing the Product
Populi API gives you complete control over how, when and what you want to build.
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Network Management

Populi’s network management solutions include analytics products that look at provider volumes, provider performance, reimbursement insights and referral patterns.



Provider insights that leverage claims intelligence that integrate into the marketing, sales and research tools you use everyday to engage with physicians.

Group 5

PRM Insights for Salesforce

PRM Insights for Salesforce brings insights on affiliations, procedure and condition benchmark and referral patterns right in Salesforce PRM.


HCx Directory

Populi’s HCx Directory allows you to retrieve the best-in-class profiles with the most up-to-date data on Providers' address, contact and personal information.


Pathways and Referrals

Populi’s HCx Pathways empowers you to discover patterns of referral behavior as patients move in- and out-of-network.


Procedure Volume

Populi’s Procedure Volume API allows you to query the total number of procedures for each Provider. The data is segmented by year and month to enable tracking of trends over time.

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