HCx Directory

Provider Data Quality and Accuracy

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Populi’s HCx Directory allows you to retrieve the best-in-class profiles with the most up-to-date data on Providers address, contact and personal information. Retrieve profiles of healthcare professionals and organizations providers by NPI, name, location or taxonomy/specialty.

Accurate provider data allows healthcare businesses to have a complete view of more than 8.5 million U.S. healthcare practitioners and 1 million organizations.

Key Features

Mastering from multiple sources

The core directory is a combination of NPPES and multiple public data sources that are gathered and mastered on a regular basis.

Verified through activity

All records are matched and verified against Populi’s ongoing medical and payor claims data feeds to ensure accuracy and consistent activity.

Geo Tagging

All location records have been matched with geo location and tagging data to allow for integration with mapping and BI tools.

Analytics Linkage

All type 1 and type 2 provider records can be instantly linked with any of Populi’s Provider Intelligence Analytics to enhance insights with taxonomies, location information.

Accessing the Product

Populi API gives you complete control over how, when and what you want to build.

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