Pathways & Referrals

Connecting the dots between Healthcare Professionals and Organizations

providers and hospitals connected by pathways coming from one patient


Populi’s HCx Pathways empowers you to discover patterns of referral behavior as patients move in- and out-of-network. Identify top performing out-of-network Providers to drive new referrals in-network. Manage provider loyalty by qualifying in-network Providers that refer a large number of patients out-of-network. Forecast and predict future Provider referral patterns to stay ahead of the curve.

Key Features

Directionality of Referrals

Observer inbound and outbound referrals between all combinations of HCP and HCO to capture counts, charges.

Network Status

Utilize the Populi Network management tool to populate employed physicians and owned facilities to flag referrals as in and out of network to identify leakage.

Granular Detail

View charges, claims and unique patient counts at the procedure and diagnosis level. Utilize groupers to track your defined service lines and key target groupers.

Professional and Organization Combinations

Toggle between professional and hospital views to see how referrals impact organizations vs individual physicians.

Accessing the Product

Populi API gives you complete control over how, when and what you want to build.

pathways api code

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Populi’s HCx Affiliation API allows you to connect the dots between Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations.


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