Patient Cohorts

Building target segments for consumers and patients

woman adding a patient to a cohort list


Populi’s Patient Cohorts is built on our de-identified database of over 300 million unique patients made up of claims, EHR and consumer data. Build segments using inclusions and exclusion criteria of diagnosis, labs, procedures and consumer data including social determinants of health.  

Key Features

HIPPA Compliant

All data sets used to create Populi Patient Intelligence analytics have been certified HIPAA compliant by 3rd parties and follow industry standard aggregations to maintain De-id policies.

Strategy and Marketing Ready

View clinical and consumer psychographic segments to understand populations that inform market share, expansion and campaign audience selection opportunities.

Model Training / Propensity Scores

Utilize population samples to help train machine learning models that help you predict opportunities such as likelihood to utilize services and payer composition across service lines.

Marketing Activation Integration

Link seamlessly to the Populi Marketing Activation API that allows you to pass modeled audience insights to DMP and other patient/consumer outreach platforms.

Accessing the Product

Populi API gives you complete control over how, when and what you want to build.

patient mix API code example - in beta

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Patient & Consumer Marketing

A comprehensive selection of patient and consumer analytics that combine clinical and consumer data in a compliant way to enhance targeting and acquisition strategies.

Strategic Planning

Providing Strategic Planning departments with volume, benchmark and forecast insights on patients, consumers and providers to assess competitive market share, demand, utilization and predictive trends.

Populi for Tableau

Populi’s for Tableau gives you instant  access and flexibility to build your own views and dashboards on all of the Populi products.


Propensity Models

Populi’s Propensity models utilize machine learning to uncover your most relevant audiences.

Marketing Activation

Populi’s Marketing Activation service helps bring your clinical consumer models and segments to life by connecting securely to DMP, DSP and targeted TV platforms.

Patient Journeys

Populi’s Patient Journeys allows you to create studies of patient cohorts by defining specific look-back and look-forward parameters.

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