Patient Journeys

Evaluating the progression of disease and treatments within populations

patient's journey from prescription medication, doctor visit, hospital stay, and recovering


Populi’s Patient Journeys allows you to create studies of patient cohorts by defining specific look-back and look-forward parameters. Gain insights as to how patients progress through their journey and measure how often, where and who treats particular events that take place. 

Key Features

Event and Procedure Occurrence

Measure what segment of your cohort experiences both desired and undesired events. Review number of occurrences, frequency and time lapse between procedures, therapies and visits.

Adherence and Compliance

Identify adherence of patients to therapies and treatments and see where physician follow-through opportunities can positively affect outcomes.

Population and Provider Comparison

Compare the difference between demographic segments of cohorts to see how their treatment and outcomes vary based on location and involved providers.

Treatment and Provider Pathways

Gain insights on a provider’s patient  engagement and the desired pathways that align to the greatest outcomes. View referral paths and identify quality issues in and out of network.

Accessing the Product

Populi API gives you complete control over how, when and what you want to build.

patient mix API code example - in beta

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