Price Transparency

Understanding payer coverage and patient burden
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Populi’s Price Transparency API allows you to see how payments for procedures in your network compare with local, state and national trends. By comparing both 835 and 837 claims, Populi enables you to see financial metrics for both initial claims and adjustments after remittance. See the average, minimum, maximum, or total amount of both charges and adjustments for any procedure or service line of interest. Financial metrics can also be compared across different types of insurance coverage.

Key Features


Claims and Remits

Analyze comparisons of 837 and 835 data to distinguish claims vs remits, allowing users to view the real delta between what was requested versus what was actually paid.

Charge Detail

View min, max, average and total charges for the selected procedure codes or groupers on all remits returned in your query.


Patient Burden

Transparent views on patient co-pay allow you to understand what the min, max, average and total patient burden for the selected services are.


Adjustments and Plan Contributions

View min, max, average and totals for allowed and adjusted amounts to see plan contributions across the selected procedures.

Accessing the Product
Populi API gives you complete control over how, when and what you want to build.
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