PRM Insights

Precision Targeting and Profiling of Providers Right in Salesforce

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PRM Insights for Salesforce is our Provider Intelligence suite for CRM. We bring a complete directory of HCP and HCO to allow users to add and append records as needed. Our provider analytics give insights on affiliations, procedure and condition benchmarks, referral patterns and more. And since these analytics are embedded within Salesforce, users can activate campaigns and territories without ever leaving Salesforce.

Embedded Analytics
Get instant access to physician and healthcare organization profiles to see referral patterns, procedure/condition volumes, affiliations and other key insights.
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Populi PRM app tile in the Salesforce app exchange
AppExchange Ready!

Get fully setup in less than an hour with simple installation off the AppExchange! We support standard Salesforce and HealthCloud configurations.

Drag and Drop

Add our embedded analytics to any screen of your choice and have the flexibility to pick and choose which modules you want to use for each user group.
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Populi Modules


HCP / HCO Directory

Search for best-in-class profiles by NPI, name, location or taxonomy/specialty. Insert and/or merge records directly into standard Salesforce and Health Cloud data models.

Referrals and Leakage Identification

Identify top-performing Providers to drive new referrals in-network and manage leakage out of network leakage.



Connect the dots between Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations to determine where each Professional most often treats patients. Segment provider affiliation by days of the week to see when healthcare professionals are most engaged.



Rank and compare the performance of Healthcare Organizations and Professionals on local, state and national trends.

Related Solutions & Products


HCx Directory

Populi’s HCx Directory allows you to retrieve the best-in-class profiles with the most up-to-date data on Providers address, contact and personal information.


Pathways & Referrals

Populi’s HCx Pathways empowers you to discover patterns of referral behavior as patients move in- and out-of-network.



Populi’s HCx Affiliation API allows you to connect the dots between Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations.


Procedure Volume

Populi’s Procedure Volume API allows you to query the total number of procedures for each Provider. The data is segmented by year and month to enable tracking of trends over time.


Condition Volume

Populi’s Condition Volume API allows you to query the total number of conditions for each Provider. The data is segmented by year and month to enable tracking of trends over time.

Group 11

Price Transparency

Populi’s Price Transparency API allows you to see how payments for procedures in your network compare with local, state and national trends.

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