Strategic Planning
Forecast and predict market share and demand
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Healthcare organizations are under pressure from price sensitive consumers, regulatory shifts and non-traditional competitors that affect strategic planning for expansion and investments. External market data is required to gain insights into these trends to take appropriate actions.


Populi provides Strategic Planning departments with a multitude of volume, benchmark and forecast based insights that leverage claims and linked consumer data to assess competitive market share, demand, utilization and predictive trends.


Populi Analytics reveal Strategic Planning opportunities that allow Healthcare Organizations to:
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Identify competitive analysis and market share at condition, procedure and service line levels to determine future expansion and necessary expense.
Understand consumer, employer and physician demand and trends that will drive new product and service offerings.
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Discover new market entrants to position competing services, evaluate acquisition targets and marketing outreach programs.

Key Use Cases


Market Sizing and Utilization

Understand total market size and utilization of services across populations to forecast opportunities and plan for growth.


Supply and Demand Trade Area

Build analytics and predictive forecasts to manage current demand for services while modeling future capacity and need that will drive marketing and operating plans.


Market Share and Competitive Benchmarking

Gain insights into current market share by patient mix, payer, procedure and other dimensions to see how you stack up against competitors.


Provider Acquisition and Valuation

Develop strategic plans by understanding volume, revenue and plan mix to inform optimal geographic, pricing, and timing acquisition decisions.


Rare Disease Targeting

Target rare disease cases by patient and provider to evolve precise growth plans out of your current market areas.


Future Competition and Disruptors

See trends and indicators of new competitors and entrants into the market at key procedure and service line levels so that you can be ahead of the curve.

Related Products

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Populi for Tableau

Populi for Tableau gives you instant access and flexibility to build your own views and dashboards on all of the Populi products.

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Populi Feeds

Populi Feeds allows customers the flexibility to deliver analytics directly into the data warehouse of their choice such as AWS, GCP and Azure.


Pathways and Referrals

Populi’s HCx Pathways empowers you to discover patterns of referral behavior as patients move in- and out-of-network.


Procedure Volume

Populi’s Procedure Volume API allows you to query the total number of procedures for each Provider. The data is segmented by year and month to enable tracking of trends over time.


Condition Volume

Populi’s Condition Volume API allows you to query the total number of conditions for each Provider. The data is segmented by year and month to enable tracking of trends over time.


Patient Journeys

Populi’s Patient Journeys allows you to create studies of patient cohorts by defining specific look-back and look-forward parameters.

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