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Analytics built for precision targeting

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Every day, there are millions of potential patients who are educating themselves online as they search for provider, pharmacy and general medical advice. Yet most health organizations struggle to use data to precisely target patients and consumers.


Populi provides a comprehensive selection of patient and consumer analytics that combine clinical and consumer data in a compliant way to enhance targeting and acquisition strategies.


Populi Analytics power Patient and Consumer targeting opportunities that allow Healthcare Organizations to:

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Research market areas to build segment  & audiences for marketing campaigns based on combinations of clinical, demographic and socioeconomic data.

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Create safe and compliant lists to integrate with DMP platforms, OTT, connected TV and more to activate 1:1 digital engagement.

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Connect digital media to healthcare transactions to measure marketing campaign performance that evaluate audience and tactic selection.

Key Use Cases

Patient Segmentation

Use combinations of claims, EHR and consumer transactions to build patient cohorts and segments to inform key target areas for growth and engagement.

Digital Activation

Tap into DMP and trade desk platforms through de-identified tokens to activate audiences through your patient and consumer segments in a compliant way for 1:1 targeting.

Propensity Modeling

Utilize de-identified data and machine learning to build propensity models to assist in targeting consumers with a high likelihood of utilizing specific healthcare services.

Campaign Market Research

Build market maps to understand your addressable target audience that will help inform budget, channel selection and potential ROI.

Marketing Measurement

Link your DMP and digital media transaction data to healthcare analytics to gain an understanding of your ROI and marketing performance.


Strengthen CRM adoption through claims based analytics and real time directories to enhance user experience with relevant market intel through claims.

Related Products

Populi for Tableau

Populi’s for Tableau gives you instant  access and flexibility to build your own views and dashboards on all of the Populi products.

Patient Cohorts

Populi’s Patient Cohorts allows users to build segments against our de-identified database of over 300 million unique patients made up of claims, EHR and consumer data.

Propensity Models

Populi’s Propensity models utilize machine learning to uncover your most relevant audiences.

Patient Journeys

Populi’s Patient Journeys allows you to create studies of patient cohorts by defining specific look-back and look-forward parameters.

Marketing Activation

Populi’s Marketing Activation service helps bring your clinical consumer models and segments to life by connecting securely to DMP, DSP and targeted TV platforms.

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