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An effective provider network can accelerate an organization’s growth, yet many networks struggle to manage leakage, pricing transparency regulations and value based care shifts that have negative impact on revenue and expansion.


Populi’s suite of analytics products provides organizations with a comprehensive selection of provider based insights that leverage claims intelligence to assess patient volume, provider performance and reimbursement insights as they pertain to an organization’s network.


Populi Analytics provide insights into Network Management opportunities that allow Healthcare Organizations to:

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Observe provider performance to model and benchmark financial and clinical outcomes.

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Improve the performance of value-based contracts through network comprehensiveness and performance that affects cost and quality.

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Evaluate provider leakage and referral patterns to grow revenue and manage cost and quality.

Key Use Cases

Provider Targeting and Recruitment

ID Providers through clinical and financial attributes to utilize in recruitments and targeting campaigns for marketing and business development.

Leakage and Referral Insights

Manage referral pathways and identify critical areas for leakage prevention to manage cost and increase revenue within networks.

Sales and Marketing

Target list building and ROI measurement for physician outreach, marketing campaign and recruitment initiatives.

Price Transparency and Rate Negotiation

Procedure based pricing benchmarks that compare national, state and regional volumes/patient mix/revenue trends that power value based network selection and contract negotiation.

Market Intel and Expansion

Understand market share, volume, trends and revenue that will help identify key areas for expansion as well as competitive analysis for service line and network growth.


Strengthen CRM/PRM adoption through claims based analytics and real time directories to enhance user experience with relevant market intel through claims.

Related Products

Our data products can help you optimize revenue and improve care. With our data integration package, you can access insights within your workflow, and our professional services team is ready to help with any specialized.

PRM Insights
for Salesforce

PRM Insights for Salesforce brings insights on affiliations, procedure and condition benchmark and referral patterns right on Salesforce PRM.

Populi for Tableau

ID Providers through clinical and financial attributes to utilize in recruitments and targeting campaigns for marketing and business development.

Procedure Volume

Populi’s Procedure Volume API allows you to query the total number of procedures for each Provider. The data is segmented by year and month to enable tracking of trends over time.

Pricing Transparency

Populi’s Pricing Transparency API allows you to see how payments for procedures in your network compare with local, state and national trends.


Populi’s HCx Affiliation API allows you to connect the dots between Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations.

Populi Feeds

Populi Feeds allows customers the flexibility to deliver analytics directly into the data warehouse of their choice such as AWS, GCP and Azure.

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