What’s New at Populi: February 2023 Release Brings Analytics Advances

Populi is excited to announce substantial product updates in our latest February 2023 product release. Collaborating with our customers and stakeholders, these updates continue to improve the coverage, flexibility, and usability of Populi’s products to complete meaningful provider and market analytics. 

Market & Provider Intelligence Updates

Site of Care Summary and Classifications

Site of care is vital to understanding where services are performed. Due to increasing consumer and payer pressures, healthcare is experiencing a shift from inpatient to outpatient and from hospital-based to retail-based settings of care.

Populi is releasing a proprietary methodology for determining claim and procedure site of care based on the combination of available data from claims. This update makes it easier to understand substantial shifts in site of care across many other dimensions, including service lines. 

Procedure-based Service Lines

Service lines form the basis of growth analytics –- including market sizing, market share, strategic opportunity analysis, and consumer and provider utilization patterns.

Populi is releasing a signature methodology for determining service lines integrated across all Volumes products to maximize insights for healthcare clinical, strategic, and financial use cases. This three-level hierarchy improves macro-to-micro analytics and is inclusive of all procedure codes.

Essential Taxonomy Decorations

As healthcare focuses on utilization of services and lowering the total cost of care, it is imperative to understand key distinctions between inpatient and surgical services, as both are associated with higher costs, revenue, and margins across the healthcare industry.

Populi now delivers more information relative to essential healthcare taxonomies. This additional detail includes a surgical flag, diagnosis related group (DRG) fields, and revenue codes with related groups. These new features improve the flexibility of Populi products for faster and reliable market analytics.

Population Intelligence Updates

New Movers Insights

Campaign planning is facilitated by allowing customers to see the total counts of new movers segmented by the distance moved. The further distance patients move, the more they will need to re-establish new care. 

Populi is releasing a New Movers product that allows you to analyze and segment your purchased new mover population for campaign and creative planning. Accessing Populi’s activated New Mover Analytics solution enables visualization and segmentation of purchased new mover data.

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